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Direccion: Jirón. Horacio Zevallos - Urb. Santa Isabel, ANTAOCO -  Independencia, HUARAZ - ANCASH - PERU (HOSTAL)

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MOUNTAINEERING – NEVADO CHOPICALQUI – CORDILLERA BLANCA, PERU, specialized in the Organization of Mountaineering – Nevado Chopicalqui – Cordillera Blanca, Peru, operators have a team of professional work experience in the field of tourism of high mountain, whose main objective is to provide quality, safety and warranty on all of our services, in this way, meet the expectations and demands of the customer. We will help you to organize your Tours program in bus, conventional Tours, Trekking, Climbing, hiking, climbing in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash ice as well as in Cusco - Arequipa - Puno - Huaraz, Peru.

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Mountaineering – Nevado Chopicalqui – Cordillera Blanca, Peru

* Altitude Maximum of Trek Churup Lake


4.450 m.s.n.m.

* Altitude Maximum of Chopicalqui            : 6.345 m.s.n.m. (summit).
* Chopicalqui Climbing Route       : NW Ridge
* Difficulty     : Difficult
* Duration : 09 Days
* Recommended time of year : May-November
* Location      : Cordillera Blanca Peruvian
* Starting point of expedition        : Lima - Peru
* Locations visited : Parque Nacional Huascaran
* Type : Adventure, Nature, Ecological                    
* Average Temp. : Day:     12ºC  -  23ºC
  : Night:   - 4ºC  -  6ºC  
* Climbing Mountain Chopicalqui : early day: Tº - 8ºC a - 10ºC

Day 1. -  Arrival to Lima

Reception in the airport and transport to a local hotel of confidence
Day 2. - Transport Lima - Huaraz (bus)
We travel by bus from Lima – Huaraz (capital of the department of Ancash, 3,100m.) in “Cruz del Sur”, service bus cama (VIP). http://www1.cruzdelsur.com.pe/
Departure time from Lima 09:30am and arrival time in Huaraz 5:30pm; reception at bus terminal in Huaraz, and transportation to a local hotel.
The personnel from “Enrique Expedition Tours” will give you further information about the hiking and climbing that you will be doing here in the Cordillera Blanca.
Day 3. -  Acclimatization trek, Laguna Churup (4450m.) – Hotel.
We leave from Huaraz in a private bus to Pitec (3850 m.)First we will pass the town of LLupa (3650 m.); at this point there is a full view of the southern end of the Cordillera Blanca and the picturesque towns on the outskirts of Huaraz. Arriving to Pitec we will begin our hike through Churup Gorge and after a few hours of hiking we will reach Laguna Churup. Here we will rest for about an hour, at which point we will begin our descent back to the city of Huaraz.
(Trek: + 600m; Duration: 4 - 5 hours)

Organization of technical materials and logistical information, given by our Guide (AGMP - UIAGM - IFMGA), about the expedition Climbing Mountain Chopicalqui.
Day 4. - Huaraz – Laguna de Llanganuco – Portachuelo de Llanganuco - Base Camp Chopicalqui.
Pick-up at hotel, and departure heading north of Huaraz, to Yungay (2500m); where we will turn to the east, into the Llanganuco Valley and enter Huascaràn National Park. After entering the park we will pass the two beautiful lakes of Llanganuco (Chinancocha and Orconchocha), and shortly afterwards,
Portachuelo de Llanganuco, from this place we will charge our Equipment climbing and camping gear, and hike to the base camp of Chopicalqui (4350m)
 (Ascent: + 150m; Duration: 4 - 5 hours)

Day 5. - Base Camp (4350m) - Camp 1 (5600m)
Leaving base camp, we will head up to the left, towards the morrena (5000m). Once entering the glacier, we will find soft snow and pass several hills, until finally reaching a large platform; where we will make camp for the night (Camp 1).
(Ascent: + 1250m; Duration: 4 - 5 hours)

Day 6. - Camp 1 (5600m) - Chopicalqui Summit (6354m) – Base Camp
We will leave camp between 3 – 4am to begin our climb to the summit.
In the climb we will pass crevasses and follow the ridge, until reaching a flat area; where we will begin our final push to the summit. Just before reaching the summit there is a crevasse, which we will pass by climb a 20m wall, with an incline of 90-95°. This wall will put us right on the summit, with an exceptional view of the Cordillera Blanca. After resting on the summit, we will head back to Base Camp, picking up Camp 1 on the way.
(Ascent: + 754m; Duration: 7 - 8 hours)

Day 7. - Chopicalqui Base Camp (4350m) – Portachuelo de Llanganuco - Huaraz.
We will clean up Base Camp and hike to Portachuelo de Llanganuco, where a bus will take us back to Huaraz. (Descent: - 1200m ; Duration: 4 hours)
(Ascent: + 150 m; Duration: 5 - 6 hours)

Day 8.- Leave Huaraz for Lima (Bus)
Transport from hostel to bus terminal of “Cruz del Sur” and departure from Huaraz
You may depart morning or night, depending on your preference.
Morning: 11:00am
Night: 10:30pm
In Lima, pick-up, and transport from bus terminal – hotel.
Day 9.- Lima, transfer to airport and flight to country of origin

*** Aim of the Expedition of Chopicalqui Ascent - White Mountain Range ***

The price of the Expedition Includes:

- When you arrive to Lima we pick up you to the hotel by taxi.
- 2 nights lodging in Lima (double bed, breakfast included)
- Ticket Transportation Lima – Huaraz – Lima, bus semi (VIP) http://www1.cruzdelsur.com.pe/
- Reception in the terminal from bus and transfer to the hotel reserved by us in Huaraz.
- 03 night of Hotel in Huaraz, with breakfast.
- Mountain Guide Certificate (UIAGM).
- Medicine kit of first aid.
- Porteador for transport equipment of Camping Cb - C1 Chopicalqui.
- Equipment of Scaling (Prudent, Aluminum stakes, visas, Spress, etc.),
- Equipment of Camping (Carp of Camping of 4 stations, Long cushions)
- Equipment of Kitchen (Hungry Carp, bath, chairs, lamp and utensils of kitchen) only Cb.
- Customized Attention of “Enrique Expediiton Tours”
- Cook, specialized in vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods
- All meals during the expedition (breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner)
* Meals include: omelets, soups, fresh fruit, avocado, pasta, meat, rice (all of these are high in carbohydrates to compensate for the elevated physical activity), hot drinks (such as coca tea, which is excellent for coping with the high altitude)
* Snack includes: tea, coffee, small breads, and popcorn
- Terrestrial Transport Private Huaraz /Pitec/Huaraz.
- Terrestrial Transport Private Huaraz /Cebollapampa/Huaraz.
- At the end of the Service Transfer to the Terminal of bus of “Cruz del Sur”
You take responsibility by
- Ticket de Ingres to the National Park Huascarán ($22.=).
- Food and drink within the city.
- Extra Days of Inn by advance arrival or delayed game.
- Personal Clothes and equipment of Scaling (trousers gorotex, dress coat, gloves, caps) - Personal Equipment of scaling (Harness, Grampones, Piotel technical, Shoe of Plantico, etc.)
- Stock market To sleep. (Preferably -20ºC.)

Important Information for the Client:

* We recommend a reservation with at least 8 monthsof anticipation, so that we may offer the best prices possible.
* The reservation is made with the payment of 40% of the total price. With the remaining 60% paid on arrival to Huaraz (in the office of “Enrique Expedition Tours”).
* Please inform us (“Enrique Expedition Tours”) once the 40% has been deposited, and we will send you a reservation voucher, with a complete itinerary of your stay with us here in Peru.
* This program includes a 2 star hostel in Huaraz.
* Additional nights at the hostel will cost $30.00 per person. The hostel (Waullac Inn) offers: hot water, private bathroom, TV, and cafeteria. Also, it is located within 4 blocks of the main plaza. 
* The transportation Lima-Huaraz-Lima is provided by Cruz del Sur. Web: http://www.cruzdelsur.com.pe/
* Bus cama ( VIP)

This Bus Service Provides:
• 2 level bus
• 2nd level has fully reclining seats
• Radar to detect objects in the road (within 150m.)
• Internal video cameras (for the security of the passenger)
• 02 Bathrooms
• Non-stop service to Huaraz
•Meals while in route
•In-cabin attendant
• Movies
• Music
• Air conditioning and heating
• Individual reading lamps
• Bingo (return ticket as a prize).

* There are also flights Lima-Huaraz-Lima
The airline is “LC Perú – HUARAZ.
Everyday flights are:
- Lima - Huaraz: Departure 8.15 AM - Arrival 9: 05 AM
- Huaraz - Lima: Departure 9:35 AM - Arrival 10:25 AM
- All passengers must be at the airport an hour before the flight.
- LUGGAGE: All passengers are allowed 15kg of luggage (10kg checked, 5kg carry-on). There is a fee of $1.00 for every kg in excess of the allotted weight (not including tax)
- The cost of the flight is $144.00 USD per person
If you would like to use the services of “LC Perú - HUARAZ , please let us know.

Recommended Gear for Expedition Chopicalqui

·Hiking boots
·High mountain (plastic) boots
·Hiking socks (synthetic fibers, coolmax)
·Thermal socks
·Light gloves
·Fleece or wool gloves
·Hat (to block the sun)
·Cold weather hat
·Breathable shirts
·Light sweater
·Fleece jacket
·Cold weather jacket
·Waterproof jacket
·Hiking pants
·Fleece pants
·Waterproof pants
·Mountaineering sunglasses (with side guards)
·70/80 L backpack
·Water bottle
·Headlamp (with extra batteries)
·Sun block (for skin and lips)
·Personal first-aid kit
·Cold weather sleeping bag
·Toiletries / Towel
·Sandals (to bathe, relax, and cross streams)
·Waterproof bag (for documents and money)
·Ice axe
·Belay device (ATC, Super 8, etc.)
·Ascension device
·Plastic bags

Alimentation for Climbing Mountain Chopicaqui

- Tea, coffee, coca tea, herbal teas, milk, hot chocolate, butter, jam (2 flavors), honey, oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, cheese, bread, and avocado

       - Fruits (orange, apple, banana, mandarin)
       - Cookies
       - Cheese sandwich
       - Ham sandwich
       - Tuna sandwich
       - Avocado, etc.
       - Hard candy

1st day: Cream of Mushroom………………….. Spaghetti with meat sauce
2nd day: Asparagus Soup………….…………… Vegetable Tortilla with Meat
Also, meals include: hot drinks, breads, popcorn, desserts (mazamorra morada, mazamorra de melocotón, jello, etc.)

Climbing Route Chopicalqui (6.345m)

Rent of Tourist Transportation Huaraz - Tourist Transport Company “Enrique Expedition Tours E.I.R.L”

* Ascend Mt. Chopicalqui - Peru

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* Ascend a 6000m Mountain – Chopicalqui – Cordillera Blanca, Peru

* Climbing Mountain 6000 metros Chopicalqui Cordillera Blanca Peru
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