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Postal Address : Jirón. Horacio Zevallos - Urb. Santa Isabel, ANTAOCO -  Independencia, HUARAZ - ANCASH - PERU (HOSTAL)


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CLIMBING ALPAMAYO CORDILLERA BLANCA MOUNTAIN PERU,specialized in the Organization of Climbing Alpamayo Mountain 2017 Huaraz Peru South America, operators have a team of professional work experience in the field of tourism of high mountain, whose main objective is to provide quality, safety and warranty on all of our services, in this way, meet the expectations and demands of the customer. We will help you to organize your Tours program in bus, conventional Tours, Trekking, Climbing, hiking, climbing in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash ice as well as in Cusco - Arequipa - Puno - Huaraz, Peru.


Climbing Alpamayo Mountain 2008
Altitude. : 5.947m.
Duration. : 06 Days
Difficulty. : Difficult.
Route. : Fracesa Directa.
Climbing Season. : May to September.

Alpamayo and the imposing Huascaran are two of the most famous mountains of the Cordillera Blanca range, and since they always attracted mountaineers from all over the world, they constitute important points in the climbing history.To climb Alpamayo, the world's beautiful mountain, we propose a full schedule that starts with an acclimatization trek to Laguna Churup (4,485 m), and continues with the approach trek to Alpamayo.

1st day.-Huaraz (3090m) – Cashapampa (2900m) – Llamacorral (3760m).
We will pick up our clients directly in their hotel in Huaraz and take a three hour private bus ride from Huaraz to Cashapampa (2900m), where the donkey driver and his donkeys will be waiting for us to transport our trekking gear. From there we start the trek up the Santa Cruz valley until we reach the Llamacorral camp, where we will set up our camp.
(Elevation Change: +860m; length: approx. 4-5 hours).

2nd day.- Llamacorral –  Jatuncocha Lake – Arhuaycocha Valley – Alpamayo base camp (4600m).
After a good breakfast we will leave the camp at Llamacorral and continue through the Valley of Santa Cruz. On the way we pass by the lagoons Icchicocha and Jatuncocha until we reach to the cross the Arhuaycocha Valley. From there we climb a zigzag rocky path until reaching the base camp of Alpamayo, where we will make our second camp.
(Elevation Change: +840m; duration: approx. 5-6 hours).

3rd day.- Alpamayo base camp (4600m) – Morrena – Alpamayo Col (5300m).
This day our porters are responsible for the transportation of our gear, food and camping equipment and we go to start ascending the moraine. On the way we will encounter very rocky paths and trails accompanied by polished granite rocks. After passing these rocks we begin to enter the glacial area. First we enter through easy pathways and continue down a path surrounded by deep cracks. We will then find ourselves at the base of a famous mountain pass. From there we start climbing slowly up until arriving the final climbs (60º - 65º). Climbing through the pass we will descend a few meters to our next camp. Climbing this pass we will go down a few meters further to arrive in the C1 of Alpamayo. (Camp 1 - 5300m).
(Elevation Change: +700m; length: approx. 6-7 hours).

4th day.- Alpamayo Col (5300m) – Summit of Alpamayo (5947m) – Alpamayo base camp.
This day, starting from Camp 1, we will descend with our clients to the base of the wall. There we will reach up until the lower part of the Rimaya. In this part we will climbing a zone in great uniform slope of about 55º - 60º and we will reach a steeper part with more than 85° and 90° at a height of 4 meters. Continuing the original channel (65º - 75º), we will meet some small mixed sections until reaching the summit – after, we will return to the Alpamayo base camp.
(Elevation Change: +647m; length: approx. 10-12 hours).

5th day.- Alpamayo base camp (4600m) –Santa Cruz Valley – Llamacorral (3760m)
This day our donkey driver will carry our personal gear, as well as mountain equipment with them. We leave the Alpamayo base camp in direction of the Santa Cruz Vallez, passing again the two lagoons Jatuncocha and Icchincocha to arrive to the Camp Llamacorral.
(Elevation Change: - 840m; length: approx. 4-5 hours).

6th day.-  Llamacorral (3760m) – Cashapampa (2900m) – Huaraz – Hostel.
We leave the campside at Llamacorral walking downhill until we reach Cashapampa, where we are expected by a bus of the Company "Enrique Expedition Tours", that will bring us directly to the city of Huaraz and our hotel.
(Elevation Change: -860 m; duration: approx. 3-4 hours prox.).
Departure from Huaraz to Lima (Bus).
Transportation from the hotel to the bus terminal "Cruz del Sur" and depature from Huaraz.
The departure time will be determined by your schedule, in the morning or night.
Morning departure: 11:00 am.
Night departure: 10:30 pm.

*** End of the Expedition of the ascend in the Cordillera Blanca Peru ***

The price of the expedition includes:
- Pick up and transfer from the bus terminal in Huaraz to the hotel
- 02 nights lodging in Huaraz, with breakfast.
- Certificated Mountain Guide (UIAGM).
- Porters to transport the camping equipment.
- First-Aid Kit.
- Radio and mobile communication in places that have no coverage.
- Climbing equipment (rope, snow pickets, ice screws, etc.)
- Camping equipment (mountain tent, mattress).
- Cooking Equipment (dining tent, chairs and kitchenware) only at the base camp.
- Personal attention by "Enrique Expedition Tours"
- Donkeys and carrier to transport the camping equipment
- Donkeys to transport the personal equipment.
- Cook provides vegetarian options
- Food within this expedition (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
* The meals include omelets, soups, fresh fruits, avocado, pasta, meat, rice (all rich in carbohydrates and suitable for the physical effort of trekking), hot drinks (including coca leaf tea, which is excellent for the altitude). Tea provided every day (tea, coffee, biscuits and popcorn).
- Land Transportation Huaraz - Cashapampa - Huaraz (Alpamayo)
You are responsible for:
- Food and drink in the city.
- Bus tickets Lima - Huaraz - Lima  
- Entrance to the Huascaran National Park ($ 22.-).
- Extra days of lodging caused of delayed arrival or departure.
- Personal clothing and trekking equipment (gorotex trousers, jacket, gloves, hats)
- Personal climbing equipment (harness, ice picks, crampon, helmet, gloves, sun glasses, etc).
- Sleeping Bag. (Preferably -14ºC).

  • Important customer information:
    - Dear customers, we recommend making a reservation in advance, so that the price is more economical.
    - This advance reservation is carried out 6 months before your arrival date to Huaraz.
    - The reservation is made with a deposit of 40% of the total price and 60% need to be paid upon your arrival to Huaraz (Office of Enrique Expedition Tours - Huaraz.).
    - After our company, "Enrique Expedition Tours" confirms your reservation deposit we will be sending via e-mail a voucher of the reservation confirmation, where we explain all the details of the itinerary follow upon your arrival to Huaraz. The money of the reservation will be deposited in a bank account of our travel and tourism agency, that we can access if you request.
    - Included in the expedition are the nights of accommodation in the hostel in Huaraz included. If you want to stay additional nights in the hostal it costs $ 15.- USD per person and day. The services offered by the hostal "Waullac Inn" you can see on the website:  http://www.hostalwaullacinnhuaraz.com
    - The transportation Lima - Huaraz-Lima will by the company
    - Cruz del sur. Web: http://www.cruzdelsur.com.pe/
    - Movil Tours. Web: http://www.moviltours.com.pe/portal/
    in their bed service in the bus “bus cama” (VIP)

    The services of the bus companies are:
    • Bus with 2 floors.
    • Second level / Reclinable bus seats
    • Seat belts on all seats.
    • Laser radar to detect objects on the road (up to 150m distance).
    • Internal video cameras (control of corridors).
    • Two bathrooms with chemical treatment
    • Direct travel.
    • Breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner (depends on travel time).
    • On board Service (Attention of Land Slides).
    • Video on board with movies
    • Music.
    • Air conditioning and heating.
    • Individual reading light.
    • Bingo (prize is the return of the ticket).

    * Also we have an air service at our flights Lima – Huaraz  - Lima
    The name of the Company is "LC Peru" - HUARAZ
    And the hours of the departure every day.
    - Lima - Huaraz: Departure 8:15am. – Arrival 9: 05am.
    - Huaraz - Lima: Departure 9:35am. – Arrival 10:25am.
    - All passengers have to arrive for any route of flight an hour earlier at the airport for their respective checked luggage.
    - LUGGAGE: Each passenger is entitled to 15 kilos of luggage (10 kilos for load and 5 kilos for carry on). If it exceeds this weight you are responsible to pay $1 per kilo (not including taxes).
    - The fare per person is $144.00 USA (subject to availability) For this service, "LC Peru" - HUARAZ communicate with us.

  • Recommended mountain equipment for the expedition:
    • Trekking boots.
    • High mountain boots.
    • Trekking socks (synthetic fibers: Colmax ...).
    • Thermal socks.
    • Leggings/ boot covers.
    • Fine microfiber gloves.
    • Wool of Fleece Gloves.
    • Padded Mittens.
    • Sun hat.
    • Cap for the cold (fleece or other).
    • Thermal and microfiber shirts.
    • Finefiber sweater.
    • Fleece.
    • Quilted Anorak (down or fiber).
    • Waterproof jacket (goretex or other).
    • Trekking pants.
    • Fleece pants.
    • Waterproof pants (goretex or other).
    • Waterproof layer.
    • Altitude glasses (with side shields).
    • Backpack of 70/80 l.
    • Canteen.
    • Headlamp (with spare bulbs and batteries).
    • Sunscreen (lips and skin).
    • Personal kit.
    • Photographical equipment.
    • Sleeping bag for altitude (down).
    • Toilet bag and towel.
    • Rubber sandals (for taking showers/ crossing rivers/ taking a bath).
    • Sneakers.
    • Bag with personal documents and money.
    • Ice Axe.
    • Automatic crampons (with antiboots).
    • Harness.
    • Jumar and descender.
    If you do not have these materials we can get them in Huaraz:
    • Ice Axe.
    • Automatical crampons (with antiboots).
    • Harness.
    • Helmet.



HOSTEL IN HUARAZ, We present a new option for lodging in Huaraz, we are Hostal ** "Waullac Inn"
HOSTEL EN HUARAZ WAULLAC INN,  is located in the district of Independencia - Huaraz, near the main tourist sites such as the recreational center of Waullac. We offer rooms with TV - Cable, private bathroom with 24 hours hot water, WI FI, telephone, continental breakfast or buffet in case of groups (upon request).
Complementary services like: room service, safe, hairdryer on request, luggage storage = storage, cafeteria restaurant, 24 hour internet, laundry, currency exchange.
Professional and personal service to all our guests and customers.

We can offer you the typical dishes of Huaraz:
* Picante de Cuy (haka pichu)
* Pachamanca
* Chicharrón
* Llunca Cashki
* Pecan Caldo
* Cuchi Canca
* Fried Trout
* Tamales
* Humita
* Api (sweet) of Pumpkin
* Charqui:
All these dishes are prepared by experts and to the pleasure of the customer.

Our hostel in Huaraz is located at a strategic point for adventure tourism such as:
- Rock Climbing in Huanchac
- Ice climbing in the Valley of Ravine Llaca.
- Mountain Biking (Circuit Waullac - Marian - Wilcahuain).

* Trekking Llanganuco Santa Cruz
* Trekking Cedros Alpamayo
* Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash
* Trekking Olleros Chavin
* Trekking Quebrada Ulta.
* Trekking Laguna de Churup
* Trekking Laguna 69

* Climbing Mountain Huascarán
* Climbing Mountain Alpamayo
* Climbing Mountain Quitaraju
* Climbing Mountain Artesonraju
* Climbing Mountain Ranrapanca
* Climbing Mountain Tocllaraju
* Climbing Mountain Chopicalqui
* Climbing Mountain Pisco
* Climbing Mountain Ishinca
* Climbing Mountain Urus
* Climbing Mountain Vallunaraju
* Climbing Mountain Yanpaccha

* City Tour - Thermal Baths of Monterrey.
* Tours to Lake Llanganuco – Alley of Huaylas
* Tours to Chavin – Lake Querococha.
* Tours to Mountain Pastoruri – Puya Raimondi.
* Tours to Honcopampa – Thermal Baths of Chancos.
* Tours to Lake Paron.
* Tours to Canon of Pato.

For more information go to our Website:

Tourist Transportation Company Enrique Expedition Tours E.I.R.L.



Tourist Transportation Company Enrique Expedition Tours E.I.R.L

Of my highest consideration
To whom it may concern
I am writing to you to formally introduce “Tourist Transportation Company Enrique Expedition Tours EIRL”, a company dedicated exclusively to the transport of passengers in the region of Chavin - Ancash – Peru – in particular, passengers of the corporative or touristic level.
For 13 years, punctuality, security and quality of service, have been central to our mission and what gave us the possibility to improve our services every day – not only to meet the most demanding needs of today's tourism market, but also to practice this ideal personally and with one goal:

Providing excellent service for our customers

The service is performed by an operating system based on the highest digital technology, designed and built by our company, which enables location detection of all our vehicles, allowing optimal logistics in the provision of service, ensuring that this it is fast, safe and effective.
Our Customer Care Center consists of a group of people specially trained to provide a personalized, responsive and efficient service, which is the most solid foundation to meet your needs.

A reliable staff of professional drivers, suitably trained with respect to road knowledge in the region of Chavin, traffic laws, and customer service, are well kept as well as professionally dressed. Additionally, they professionally registered and have had training in a second language.
Currently we have luxury cars and standard vehicles, yaris, van H1, combis, minibuses and buses accommodate from 4,11,15,19, 24, to 30 passengers, private transportation, freight and mini freight inform you about some of the transportations you can do in Huaraz.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz

Huaraz: traslado en la ciudad –Terminal /Hotel

Tourist Transportation Service Aeropuerto Anta - Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz – Tour Laguna de Llanganuco.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Tour Chavin de Huantar.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Tour Nevado Pastorruri.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz – Tour Honcopampa – baños de Chancos

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz – Tour City Tour – Baños de Monterrey

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Ciudad de Caraz.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Carhuaz

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Casma

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Cashapampa.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Cebollapampa.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Portachuelo de Llanganuco.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Pomabamba.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Vaqueria.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Chacas.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Llamac.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Matacancha.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Hualcayan.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Marcara

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Musho.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Mancos

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Parón.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Pitec.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Pashpa

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Quilcayhuanca.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Llupa

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Cojup

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Llaca

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Hatun Machay

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Punta Callan.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Tour Cañon del Pato.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz- Aeropuerto.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Olleros.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Puyas de Raimondi.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Huari.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Quebrada honda.

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz/Puente Ulta (fondo de quebrada Ulta)

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Antacocha

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - entrada de rajucolta

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Conay

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz - Trujillo

Tourist Transportation Service Huaraz – Lima

The reason for this presentation is to provide a new option for transportation, that provides for your clients or executives, trust, comfort and security, plus a exceptional and personalized service.
With years of experience behind us in the professional transportation industry, we hope you will trust in our business practices and consider our proposal utilize our services
Because from this perspective these values are impossible to recognize, if not through the experience we provide, we are at your complete disposal to provide our service, or responding to your inquiry or request for quote.
We would appreciate greatly the opportunity to work with you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

 [Principal ] [ Arriba ]



Contact information / Información de contacto:
Phone/Number / Teléfono /Movíl:
Teléfono de Oficina:  ( + 51 43 ) 425362
Movíl: + 51 - 943816061 + 51 969074545 - RPM: # 943816061
Movíl: + 51 - 943590321 - (Entel) + 51 - 933033131

Postal Address / Dirección Postal:
Direccion: Jirón. Horacio Zevallos - Urb. Santa Isabel, ANTAOCO -  Independencia, Huaraz (HOSTAL)
E_mail / Correo Electrónico de Contacto con Nosotros:


Hostal en Huaraz http://www.hostalwaullacinnhuaraz.com/

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