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CITY TOUR HUARAZ, specialized in the Organization of City Tour Huaraz, operators have a team of professional work experience in the field of tourism of high mountain, whose main objective is to provide quality, safety and warranty on all of our services, in this way, meet the expectations and demands of the customer. We will help you to organize your Tours program in bus, conventional Tours, Trekking, Climbing, hiking, climbing in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash ice as well as in Cusco - Arequipa - Puno - Huaraz, Peru.

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City Tour - Thermal Baths of Monterrey.

Altitude: 3.100 m.
Duration: 01 days.
Tour season: January to December
Daily trips start at 10 am. returning to Huaraz at 2 pm
The visit of the town of Huaraz includes the Main Square and the Regional Museum of Ancash (often referred to as the biggest lithical museum of South America ), the church of Soledad and the traditional street José Olaya, Psicultura, the lookout point of Pinar, the archeological ruins of Waullac or Willcawain (optional) and Monterrey hot springs .

Huaraz is the capital of Ancash district. It was damaged by landslides on December 13 th , 1941 when about 5,000 people died, and completely destroyed by an earthquake on May 31 st , 1970 which caused 19,000 deaths, 2,500 people disappeared and 13,250 wounded. Huaraz has been reconstructed and it is distinguished from other towns in the region by its architecture and urban planning.

Archeological Museum of Ancash:
Considered the biggest lithics museum of South America , this museum contains more than 700 lithical sculptures dating mainly from the Recuay culture with some artifacts from other cultures, such as the Chavin, Waras, Recuay, Moche, Wari, Chimú, Chancay, and Inca cultures. Among the artifacts are: tools, mummies with cranial deformations, textiles, all collected by the priest Augusto Soriano Infante. Presently the museum is undergoing restoration work

The temple and sanctuary of Soledad (Solitude)
Is located in the highest part of the town, the neighborhood of Soledad (Solitude). Within this temple are found the main images used during the Holy week of Huaraz, such as: The lord if Ramos, which whom the holy week is initiated; the Nazareno, an image that recalls the three falls of Christ on the way to the cross, the Christ, the lord of Ressurection, with which the ceremony is closed. We find as well images of the Virgin in pain, Maria Magdalena and Sain John.

Archeological ruins located at 2 km from the main square of Huaraz , dating from 200 to 600 years a.c, according to the archeologist Odón Rosales Huatutco. It consists of a series of constructions with influence of Recuay culture, and posterior Wari culture. Other archeological ruins pertain entirely to the Wari culture. The Wallug ruins have a lot in common with the archeological ruins at Willcawain.

Located in Huaraz, this fishery is one of the biggest in the country, known for the production of trout (especially the rainbow species) and salmon.

José Olaya street
Although not very well maintained, this street is one of the few that survived the 1970 earthquake, and preserves its charm in the narrow alleys and its balconies. Moreover, it is still used as the entry of the villagers to the neighborhoods of Soledad and San Francisco . This street used to divide the town of Huaraz in two parts: Ichoc - waras (left side of Huaraz) and Allauca waras (right side of Huaraz). On Sundays, on this street one can join local families for traditional food of the region, such as chicha de jora, tamales, pachamanca and other typical food.


Not far from Huaraz (7 km) are the hot thermal pools at Monterrey , with two swimming pools with hot water at a temperature of about 48 C and with a high content of sulphur, clor and bicarbonate. Visitors can spend the night in the hotel administered by ENTUR-PERU.


- The reservation of the following program is made with a deposit of 30% of the total price and 70% need to be paid upon your arrival of you to Huaraz.
- The money of the reservation will be deposited in a bank account of our travel and tourism agency.
- After our company, "Enrique Expedition Tours" confirms your reservation deposit we will be sending via e-mail a voucher of the reservation confirmation, where we explain all the details of the itinerary follow upon your arrival to Huaraz.
- This voucher can be exchanged for a ticket or part of the payment in the case of cancellation of the service.
- The reservation is made 30 days before your arrival to Huaraz.
- Information: As our travel agency is located in Huaraz, we do not have an office in Lima. We are registered in the Ministry of Tourism and the Sunat, our number of Ruc is 20530797091 "Enrique Expedition Tours EIRL ".
- For more information please contact the following telephone numbers: 043 425362 - Mobile 943816061
- Please note that these prices do not apply in the week of Pentecoast and celebration days.

- The price of the program is per person.
- The prices are in Nuevos Soles.
- To pay in Dollar you need to use the exchange rate of the operation day.
- The prices are applicable for groups of adults (every 15th person – 1 person for free).
- The price of children (5-10 years) is with additional bed.
- The price of children without bed (1-4 years), shared with adults.
- Time of departure of tours: Between 9 to 10 am.
- The tours could be exchanged in between the days, depending on the weather, to enjoy the best conditions.
-The company reserves the right to change the vehicle, according to the number of people who take part in the tour.
- The bus Lima-Huaraz-Lima is supposed to make stops at: Terminals, Control Ministry of Transport and police.

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